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What is Color Me Mine?
Color Me Mine is a paint your own ceramics studio, a friendly place where you can create your own artwork on the pottery piece of your choice. It's a place to spend some great quality time with friends or family. We welcome people of all ages, we've had customers from 2 weeks old to 96 years young painting in our studio. We can help bring out the artist in you!

Do I have to be an artist to paint my own pottery? I can't draw a straight line!
No! No artistic ability is necessary! In a matter of minutes, we can give you plenty of ideas and tips to help you create a masterpiece. We have stencils, sponges and stamps, stickers and tape to help you create interesting patterns and themes on your piece. Our friendly and helpful staff can guide you on many simple painting techniques. We also have a design computer with thousands of designs that you can trace onto your pieces!

What can I paint?
We have over 400 unique ceramic pieces in the studio to paint. We have dolphins, frogs, mermaids and other aquatic life. We have plates, platters and bowls in lots of useful sizes and shapes. We have cookie jars, flower pots, and even a miniature claw foot bathtub. From small knobs to huge vases, we have it all.

Can I really use the pieces that I paint?
Absolutely! All of our standard paints are non-toxic, lead free, and are food-safe. Once the pieces are fired, they are dishwasher safe as well, although the mermaids complain that dish-washing detergent bleaches their hair. Top rack of the dishwasher for our pieces is best. Our pieces are microwaveable as long as they are painted with our standard underglazes. But, as with any ceramic piece, from our studio or store-bought, it will get HOT in the microwave (due to residual water trapped in the clay) so you should be cautious taking it out of the microwave.

How much does it cost?
In addition to the price of the piece that you choose to paint, you pay one small studio fee per painter. Our studio fee is a flat rate of $10.00 per day for adults and $6.00 per day for kids 12 and under, and you can paint as long as you want...all day if you'd like! About 80% of the pieces in our studio are under $25, and most things that children like to paint are under $15. Check out our calendar for our monthly and weekly specials as well.

Can I bring my friends, co-workers, pets?
Of course! The more the merrier! However pets more active than turtles or goldfish must remain at home. We have a special party room for groups. We will have special events where you can paint with your pooch...watch our calendar for information!

What can kids do at Color Me Mine?
Children of all ages enjoy spending creative time at our studio, including infants! You can paint your baby's feet, or your children's hands on a platter, a clock, or a coffee mug. Even the youngest child likes to play with brushes, sponges and paints. Finger painting on pieces (but not on employees) is allowed and encouraged. Our paints are non-toxic and lead-free and rinse off of the kids and their clothes with water. We have high chairs in the studio and a even a kids table for some of our littlest patrons. And, if mommy and daddy need a little extra time to finish their own pieces, we have crayons, coloring books and even the table paper for kids to draw on until the grown-ups are done!

Can you come to my school/office/party?
Yes! We go to schools, restaurants, hospitals, businesses, parks. Plan it indoors or out...we love to party! See our to go page for more information. For small parties at your place, we have To-Go Kits available. Having a large party? One of our staff members can come and run a party wherever you are.

Do you plan birthday and other parties?
Of course! We have a party room that seats up to 14 guests, and for large parties you can use the main studio and even rent the entire studio for a private party! We can accommodate groups up to 50 in the studio or bring the party to you with our To Go Parties! Please see our party page on the website or call the studio for more details.

How long do I have to wait to get my stuff?
It takes about 3-5 days to return a piece to you after you've painted it and our delivery days each week are Wednesdays and Saturdays. (If you paint on Sat, Sun, Mon or Tues...your pieces will be ready the following Saturday. If you paint on Wed, Thurs or Fri...your pieces will be ready the following Wednesday.) We need to let it dry for a day after you paint it, then we glaze it the following day, and fire on the 3rd day. After it's out of the kiln, we check for quality and pack it up. We call you as soon as it is out of the kiln and ready for you to pick up. If you need your piece in a hurry, you can pay a rush fee of $5 per piece to have them fired in the next kiln.

Do you have classes?
Our classes tons of fun! We will offer classes for children and adults with a variety of painting techniques and subjects. Children will enjoy our Art Adventure classes on a variety of themes including: Earth, Sea and Space; Great Masters of Art; Myths and Legends; Ancient Civilizations; Art Around the World and more! For grown ups, we will have classes on a variety of our painting techniques and even bring in special guest artists to show you some amazing techniques! We can even teach you how to do mosaics, build a fountain, or create a tile mirror or table. See our classes page for more information about current and upcoming classes.

Are you hiring?
Color Me Mine of Fremont is always looking for enthusiastic employees who love to work with painters of all ages! If you are interested in a part-time customer service position at our studio, you are welcome to send a resume for consideration. If we need additional staff in the future, we will keep all resumes on file for future consideration.

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